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A letter from APSU Director of Athletics, Gerald Harrison

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Governor Family –

During this time of uncertainty, I’ve been able to do more thinking and reflecting than would be typical during this part of the year. Usually, our spring sports are in full swing and there are conference championships, spring football games and the ESPEAYs to keep me—and you—occupied. But this year, I’ve been able to truly sit down and put some perspective around my first two years here. I’ve come to one conclusion:

It remains a great time to be a Gov.

I’ve been heartened at every turn by our coaches, student-athletes and staff and how they’ve reacted and adapted to the constant changes dealt to them by COVID-19. It’s inspiring to see everyone within the Austin Peay community come together, united, for a better tomorrow. I’m proud not only to work with the men and women who are keeping us going on a daily basis—I’m proud they allow me to serve as their Director of Athletics.

Make no mistake: our present is not normal by any means. But our academic services folks are hard at work helping our student-athletes close out the semester on a high note. All our services—nutrition, training, development, strength and conditioning—may have been forced to change, but they have not stopped. The incredible coaching staffs in place here are preparing to hit the ground running as soon as it’s safe to do so, and I’m  so thankful for their belief in me and our institution as we navigate our current reality. From the highest-ranking senior staffer to the most fresh-faced intern, everyone is doing their part to ensure a bright future for Austin Peay athletics.

It’s not all roses, of course. Challenges are not just on the horizon; they’re here as we speak. Budget shortfalls are poised to hit every part of higher education, and athletics is not going to be immune. There will be restructuring. There will be changes. There is no way around that; it is the reality everyone in college athletics, at all levels, is facing. However, we cannot let that define us and we will not let that deter us. With every challenge is an opportunity and our opportunity and challenge remain one and the same: to be the most complete athletics department in the Ohio Valley Conference and to live up to the Total Gov Concept.

I know it’s easy to take a step back during all of this. I know our supporters have fears, worries and concerns bigger than Austin Peay athletics. We look forward to the days we can welcome you back to Fortera Stadium, back to the Dunn Center, back to Raymond C. Hand and Cathi Maynard Parks. I encourage you to support our young people however you can. Pack the park. Join the Monocle Society. Tailgate your hearts out. When we can commune together again, when the whistle has blown and this worldwide timeout is over and we are on the other side… what a day that will be!

Everyone at Austin Peay remains committed to our vision for the future. We will not let this beat us. I implore you to stay safe, stay healthy and help us bring this desire for a better tomorrow to fruition.


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Gerald Harrison
Austin Peay State University Director of Athletics

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